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Restoring an Old Swimming Pool

Last year, I purchased a wonderful property which was located in an old town just south of Sydney. The property had been constructed in the 1920s and still looked absolutely wonderful. However, the pool had not been used for many years and it was in a very bad condition. The concrete was cracked and chipped, and weeds had grown up and pressed through the cracks in the pool surface. I called in a pool contractor who assessed the condition of the pool and then carried out renovation work. I am really pleased with the work and I learnt lots of cool things about looking after my pool.


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Three Types Of Pool Equipment Every New Pool Owner Needs

Having a swimming pool can be a great way to enjoy the summer and stay active, but owning a pool also comes with certain responsibilities. To ensure that your pool is safe, comfortable and easy to maintain, it's essential to have the right swimming pool equipment. If you have just had your first pool installed, you may assume that you don't need to do anything else and now you can just simply enjoy it. This is simply not the case, and it is important you get proper swimming pool equipment sooner rather than later, including these three very vital pieces you absolutely have to buy. 

A Good Pool Pump And Filter

A pool pump and filter system are essential for keeping your pool clean and clear. The pump circulates the water in your pool, pushing it through the filter, which removes dirt and debris. A pool pump and filter system are necessary for maintaining water quality and keeping your pool free of harmful bacteria. If you have ever seen a pool full of algae or other types of pond scum then there is a good chance this is because it didn't have a pool pump and filter working, so make sure that this doesn't happen to yours by getting them installed soon.

Skimmer And Vacuum 

A skimmer and vacuum are vital for removing all the twigs, leaves and other little bits and pieces from the surface of your pool. A skimmer is a device that sits on the surface of your pool and collects these items, such as organic waste and bugs before they sink to the bottom. A vacuum is used to suck up these ugly problems from the bottom of your pool if they are not collected by the skimmer before they fall. These generally tend to pick up larger items so they do not clog up your filter, and you can put them in and leave them for an hour or two without having to do anything extra.

Automated Chlorinator

An automatic chlorinator is a device that automatically adds the right amount of chlorine to your pool to keep the water clean and safe. It helps to ensure that your pool's chlorine level is always at the correct level, without the need for manual adjustments. This can help you avoid you accidentally putting too much chlorine into your pool and burning your skin. It also means that you never really have to think about chlorine if you want to just randomly jump in the pool one day; the pool will always be ready for you to use it. 

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