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Restoring an Old Swimming Pool

Last year, I purchased a wonderful property which was located in an old town just south of Sydney. The property had been constructed in the 1920s and still looked absolutely wonderful. However, the pool had not been used for many years and it was in a very bad condition. The concrete was cracked and chipped, and weeds had grown up and pressed through the cracks in the pool surface. I called in a pool contractor who assessed the condition of the pool and then carried out renovation work. I am really pleased with the work and I learnt lots of cool things about looking after my pool.



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Key Features to Look for in the Latest Automatic Pool Cleaner Models

A swimming pool is one of the coolest water features for any homeowner. You get to enjoy fun water days and host a myriad of get-togethers with close family and friends. However, pool ownership means that you must always keep it clean. Although the chlorine, pool pump and filtration system do a decent job, a robotic pool cleaner is a must-have if you want a perennially clean pool. However, the plethora of automatic pool cleaners available can make the purchasing process a nightmare. However, it does not have to be the case if you know what to look for in a high-quality automatic pool cleaner. This article highlights key features to look for in a pool cleaner.

Adjustable Roller Skirt — Most homeowners think the floor in their pool is even end-to-end. However, it is not always the case. Notably, uneven pool surfaces are difficult to clean if you use standard pool cleaners. The reason is that most of the older models do not offer enough suction power when a pool cleaner is on an uneven surface. Unfortunately, you risk leaving some areas dirty, which is the last thing you want. Therefore, it is advisable to look for a pool cleaner with an adjustable roller skirt that allows for maximum suction when the vacuum is on an uneven surface.

Quick Clean Technology — The biggest advantage of owning an automatic pool cleaner is that it significantly reduces pool cleaning time. However, it has not stopped pool cleaner manufacturers from upping their game as far as pool cleaning technology goes. Therefore, while some models take a couple of hours to clean a pool, the latest cleaners with quick clean technologies speed things even more. The quick clean technology is perfect when you want to enjoy a pool right away. Part of the quick clean technology includes a high-capacity motor which helps clean a pool faster than the average automatic cleaner. Moreover, the pump system is designed to simultaneously suck large and small debris from a pool, which saves time.

Serrated Tyres Treads — Swimming pools are full of obstacles from drains to filter flaps. Sadly, the objects can prevent a pool cleaner from performing optimally. Therefore, you should ensure cleaner tracks or wheels are up to the task and can handle any surface obstacles encountered. Specially-designed serrated tyre treads on pool cleaners provide the maximum climbing capability to drive over any pool floor obstacles. The tyre feature is critical since it eliminates the need to check if a cleaner is stuck or inconsistent.

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