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Restoring an Old Swimming Pool

Last year, I purchased a wonderful property which was located in an old town just south of Sydney. The property had been constructed in the 1920s and still looked absolutely wonderful. However, the pool had not been used for many years and it was in a very bad condition. The concrete was cracked and chipped, and weeds had grown up and pressed through the cracks in the pool surface. I called in a pool contractor who assessed the condition of the pool and then carried out renovation work. I am really pleased with the work and I learnt lots of cool things about looking after my pool.


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Keep Hair Out of Your Pool Pump With These Tips

If dirt and debris gets into your pool pump, it can prevent it from working correctly, and eventually, this issue may even cause the pump to break down. Have you been finding hairs in your pump? Wondering how to keep them out? Take these steps to protect your pump.

1. Add a Shower to Your Pool Area

Showering before you jump in the pool can help to remove loose hairs that may be accumulating in the pool. If you and your family are primarily the only ones to use the pool, you can easily shower inside, but if you entertain a lot of guests, you may want to add an outdoor shower.

You can build a pool house with changing rooms and showers, or you can take a simpler, less expensive approach by installing a shower on the outside of your home. To remove even more loose strands, brush your hair before getting into the shower.

2. Keep Pets Out

Dogs shed more than most humans, and although it can be fun to swim with your pup, that can lead to a lot of hair in your pool. Consider implementing a no-dogs-allowed policy to protect your pool pump. Alternatively, make sure you thoroughly brush your dog before letting him swim.

3. Add a Skimmer Sock to Your Filter

Typically, if hair is getting into your pool pump, it is sneaking past your filter. To give your filter an extra layer of protection, consider installing a skimmer sock to the front of your filter. A skimmer sock is like the basket on a skimmer, but rather than attaching to a pole, it attaches directly to your filter.

You can also fashion your own version of this tool. Simply use any dense netting such as hosiery, and attach it to the front of your filter. Make sure to change it on a regular basis.

4. Vacuum the Pool

You can buy special vacuums designed just for use with pools. These vacuums can help to remove any hairs that have sunk to the bottom of the pool, before they migrate to your filter and pump. You can also get robotic ones so you don't have to be actively involved in the process.

5. Hire a Professional Pool Cleaner

Finally, you may want to hire a professional pool cleaner. They can check your pool pump for issues, vacuum the pool as needed, clean your filter and take care of similar tasks.