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Restoring an Old Swimming Pool

Last year, I purchased a wonderful property which was located in an old town just south of Sydney. The property had been constructed in the 1920s and still looked absolutely wonderful. However, the pool had not been used for many years and it was in a very bad condition. The concrete was cracked and chipped, and weeds had grown up and pressed through the cracks in the pool surface. I called in a pool contractor who assessed the condition of the pool and then carried out renovation work. I am really pleased with the work and I learnt lots of cool things about looking after my pool.



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Pool Filters – Principal Systems That You Could Choose To Install

Having a pool constructed on your property is not merely about having the structure installed and filling it with water. There is also an array of equipment that you have to invest in to ensure the peak performance of your swimming pool. One essential system that you have to purchase is a swimming pool filter. However, since pool construction can be quite expensive, some individuals opt to base their decision on a filtration system solely on what would be the cheapest one they can find in the market. The problem with this is you could end up with a filter that is not be able to meet your needs, which translates into an underperforming filtration system that will be incapable of keeping your pool clean. Below are the principal types of pool filtration systems that you could choose to install depending on what makes the most sense for your requirements.

Sand filtration systems

Just as implied by its name, sand filtration systems comprise massive tanks that have been filled with this solid matter. When the filter is in use, water from your swimming pool is pushed through the sand inside the system. The sand then blocks any debris and contaminants in the water from becoming recirculated back into the swimming pool. Sand filtration systems are one of the most affordable in the market, making them ideal for people not looking to spend an arm and a leg.

Nonetheless, you should know that the filter is only be able to filter out debris that is bigger than grains of sand and not pollutants that are smaller. Therefore, sand filtration systems are best installed in swimming pools that are not used on a regular basis and are used by a few people at a time.

Cartridge filtration system

A notch above a sand filtration system is the cartridge filtration system. This type of filter has changeable cartridges inside the tank, and thus are capable of filtering out much smaller particles. Additionally, cartridge filters work best when they are turned on at a lower setting than their sand filter alternatives, and this makes them an energy-efficient option for your swimming pool.

A significant benefit that you will note between the sand and the cartridge filter is that cartridge systems do not need backwashing as sand filters do. Therefore, they are much easier to maintain and are perfect for homeowners who do not want to be tasked with excessive responsibilities when it comes to the care of their swimming pool.

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